Eclipsecon 2012 : see you there!

After my previous blog post and with the help (and motivation) of Mickael Istria (!/mickaelistria and we will share our feedback about continuous code improvement when developing eclipse based solutions.
This talk will involve some tools and SAAS providers such as :

  • Maven/Tycho: to build your app
  • Jacoco: to instrument your code in order to gather code coverage
  • Sonar: to gather some metrics such as code coverage, it coverage, code conventions, complexity, and so on…
  • Cloudbees Dev@cloud SAAS platform : for continuous integration and deployement

You can find the abstract of our incoming talk there :

So get ready to fight the technical debt and see you there!

Quality analysis on Eclipse plugins with Tycho, Sonar, Jacoco and SWTBot

Building tools brings a lot more that compilation. You can go much further.

For instance, have a look at maven : there’s a plugin for almost everything (Here, here, and here). And with the rise of Tycho, you can bring all the power of maven to build OSGI/Eclipse based projects.

Let’s see how to leverage the use of Sonar (a great open source quality analysis tool) to deal with the QA of your project.
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Unified feed of bloggers speaking about MDE

Yahoo! pipes is a great tool! I use it to have all my favorites MDE bloggers in a single RSS feed.

You can find that feed here :

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